Outdoor 2 Outdoor 2

We have the opportunity to use the huge windows in the vacant retail space on the first floor of our building to display some of the great testimonials from some of the well known customers like Adobe Systems, Dow Jones Newswires, Broadvision, Putnam Lovell, Essex Corporation, F5 Networks, Time Warner Communications and others... make it happen. 


We had roughly 20 foot high windows that basically occupied half of an entire block right at the sidewalk level on the first block of Market Street in San Francisco. We used the black and white headshots from the two testimonial ads we had in the can and then created all-type panels with testimonials from other prominent clients along with some panels that highlighted some of the significant product benefits of's CRM. These displays went from about half way in the front of the building around the corner and half way down the block and created quite a presence that reinforced the widespread satisfaction and approval of Salesforce's CRM product right from their customer's mouths.