Meals on Wheels San Francisco Symphony of Tastes

Meals on Wheels San Francisco Symphony of Tastes
Meals on Wheels of SF

Print ad and collateral for their annual fund raiser called "A Symphony of Tastes" which featured the over twenty of the Bay Area's reknowned chefs and restaurants, along with over twenty wineries, and took place at the San Francisco Opera House. 

Meals on Wheels of San Francisco

We came up with the line "Remember what it was like to be a kid in a candy store?" From there we decided to hire a food stylist and a top notch photographer (Hank Benson who shot the match books on marble for the previous year's event) to help us craft the dreamy fine cuisine and wine image you see in the ad, the poster, and the program and invitation covers. We actually decided to go with a Polaroid transfer on the photo, which gives it an almost water color look and creates the cool looking border around the image. We also created a border for the ads and the posters out of the names of the participating restaurants and wineries, and we also printed those names on the flap side of the invitation envelopes. Lastly, we hired a very talented illustrator create the four kitchen utensils and the border for the t-shirt, as well as a whole slew of food and wine graphics in the same style that we used on the event map and several other pieces.