The Dunes Golf & Beach Club Package

The Dunes Golf & Beach Club Package
The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

Adapt the Membership Matters campaign developed with Club Mark Corporation to The Dunes Golf & Beach Club's brand, create the direct mail package and the requested collateral materials in order to launch the campaign to increase the club's membership 

The Dunes Golf & Beach Club 

Worked with the Club Mark Corporation team to develop and design the templates for the Membership Matters campaign, which we can then tailor for any club by creating a branded look and feel that includes direct marketing and collateral materials (print, online and even video). In this case, the campaign consists of a letter from the Club President to the members along with an overview of the program, frequently asked questions, and a voucher or certificate to incentivize members to sponsor potential new members. The campaign also consists of various collateral materials to support the campaign by creating a presence throughout the club house via retractable posters, standard size posters, table tents, buttons for the staff and statement stuffers.