Original Photos Mounted on Painted and Stained Wood
Original photographs by Eric, Emma or Jolie Samuelson, mounted on wood and paint with acrylic to create a variety of looks. Below are some pieces for sale, but we can also custom make these for you with whatever images you choose. You can use any of the images below, plus lots of other images from our growing archive you can inquire about, or even your own original photos (digital or traditional prints) — we may even be able to shoot photos for you depending on specs.
For custom orders please contact us directy by email or phone at 760-238-7793.

Liquid Garden thumb
"Liquid Garden"
Joshua Tree Triptych 1 thumb
"Joshua Tree Triptych 1"
Joshua Tree Triptych 2 thumb
"Joshua Tree Triptych 2"
Sunrise In the Forest thumb
"Forest Sunrise"
Maui Roadside thumb
"Maui Roadside"
Mantis Preying thumb
"Mantis Preying"
mantis thumb 2
Golden Gate Bridge 1 thumb
"Golden Gate I"
Gorgeous Afterlife thumb
"Gorgeous Afterlife"
Sonoma Morning thumb
"Sonoma Morning"
chance thumb 2
Beautiful Grateful thumb
"Beautiful Grateful"
Breaking Through thumb
"Breaking Through"
Yeah Baby thumb
"Yeah Baby"
Quite A Pair thumb
"Quite A Scene"
Golden Gate Flower yellow thumb
"Crazy Yellow Thang"
Burst thumb
"Burst of Life"
Golden Gate Hydrenga thumb
"A Nest of Green"
Golden Gate Park Flower green thumb
"That's Right Honey"
Golden Gate Park Flower Gate thumb
"At the Gate"
Morning Dew thumb
"Morning Dew"
Bird of Paradise thumb
"Bird of Paradise"
Before the Lei thumb
"Before the Lei"
Bursting In Air thumb
Golden Gate Flower red-white brown thumb
"Pair of Beauties"